Custom Order Form for Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks

This is a work in progress form. If you have any constructive feedback please leave a comment. If it’s a dumb comment that is not actually constructive *it will be deleted*. I am not taking custom orders just yet, that will be available come June 2nd.
Please copy and paste this form into an email and it evie dot stormrose at gmail dot com.
You would like a:
Bag [tote, messenger, simple day bag] (__)
Afghan aka crocheted bedspread [ twin, full, queen or king] (__)
Coat (__)
Alli’s Angels (__)
Toy for younger than 6 years of age (__)
Shawl [Granny, pineapple, everyday wear] (__)
Baby Set [comes with two baby blankets, hats and booties] (__)
Paracord item (__)
Ornament set (__)
Dog toy [frisbee or ball] (__)
Something else? Please describe in as best detail as you can or if it’s easier, please provide me with a link or two to pictures that show the end product your are desiring in it’s general shape/form.
What colors would you like?
I need the colors of (__).
I trust you Evie! (__)
For items like Coats, Afghans and shawls, what sizes do you need? If you’ve ordered a coat, I have a measuring guide for the size that I can send you:
Do you have a time frame that you need the item(s) in? Rush orders *will* cost more:
If the order is $50 or more, a deposit of *HALF* must be sent before any work is started. Please indicate your preferred payment method:
Paypal and the email you’ll see it from is (__)
Please make me a custom listing on Etsy. (__)
Where will I be shipping this too once the order is done: