Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks Master List

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PLEASE check the item to see what shipping and handling is. In some cases, I have had to make shipping and handling a separate charge due to costs in that area going up. Please and thank you for your understanding. If you are placing a custom order please take a look at this note here: https://eviestormrose.wordpress.com/custom-order-form-for-jade-rose-zen-threadworks/
Our TeeSpring Storefront: https://teespring.com/stores/jade-r…
Ma Cobb Hat:
Traditional colors – $35.00
Non traditional colors -$30.00
Standard expected crafting time: 1-2 weeks
Custom baby sets:
Message for pricing as depending on if you want one just for the first year or something that they can grow into as well will vary. Please inquire about estimated wait time for completion of all orders.
Sets are available with the following options:
  • 1-2 baby blankets (varying in sizes from 38″ w by 38″ L to 38″w by 52″ L ($30-65.00)
  •  2 hats ($9.00)
  • 2 washcloths ($6.00)
  • 2 baby bibs ($18.00)
Dr. Who/Tom Baker scarfs:
NOTICE! Due to the amount of time it takes to do the full sized season 12, I *can not* make them full sized anymore. Reduced sized only are available.
Price: $100.00
Shipping: $15.00
Alli’s Angels:
We have
~Most skin colors
~Most hair colors
Please see the custom order form us for details and to iron out what colors for hair, skin and dress.
Completion time: 2-3 weeks.
Price: $50.00
Shipping: $14.50
Flippety Flop Toys:
  • Girl dolls – $35.00
  • Rabbit (boy or girl available) – $35.00
  • Monkey – $35.00


Adult afghans:
Price will vary depending on the quality of yarn you would like. ALL afghan orders are paid half up front before work begins.

~Twin sized -4-7 weeks, $100.00
~Full sized -5-8 weeks, $135.00
~Queen sized -7-12 weeks, $300.00 Shipping: $20.00, tracking number included
~King sized -9-14 weeks, $375.00 Shipping: $25.00, tracking number included
Hat and scarf set, your choice of colors – $25.00
Crocheted Cloches:
Flowers optional, any colors available – $25.00
Crocheted jacket:
Please see the uploaded image for a visual guide in taking the measurements. Needed in measurements:
– chest
– shoulders
– arm length
– waist
– length of coat desired (measure from top of shoulder to where you want the coat to hit, be sure to pull in appropriately around the waist.
Hip length – $80.00
Longer than hip length normally $125.00
– buttons or belt
– pockets
– hood
Shipping: $18.00
I have three kinds of shawls available.
Granny Shawl – max cost $65.00 as I can make extra big ones.
Pineapple Shawl – $160.00
Everyday shawl – $60.00
Bags, purses and assorted totes :
~ Neck purse – $8.00
~ Small purse – $15.00
~ Messenger Bag – $35.00
~ Tote Bag – $35.00
Paracord/550 cord items:
~Bracelets, standard weave – $9.50
~Monkey Fist – $10.00
~Key Fob – $6.50
~Bear Paw Bracelet (Pictures coming soon!) -$ 10.00
Ornament Set:
~ large snowflakes – $3
~ medium – $2
~ small – $1
Dogs toys:
Frisbee – $8
Ball – $8
Ball with a rope – $10