Raising the Power

According To Hoyt

I am not pagan, though I have friends that are, and though there was a strain of belief in the village which, without having anything even vaguely to do with American/New Age/Paganism, was not… precisely Christian. Or anything much else.  Call it “using natural forces that science hasn’t yet identified” and be done with it.  It exists in every rural community.  Communities close to the land that have no room for frills spend an unusual amount of time on manipulating these “forces.”  Perhaps they are forces of the collective subconscious as things like “the Secret” claim.

At any rate, this is not to talk of religion, even unusual ones.

It is to talk of raising the power.  Raising the power (Yes, I’ve watched pagan ceremonies.  I watch a lot of things) is a fascinating concept, and it’s probably all headology, but one does feel something while watching it.

Again, I’m…

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Fisking attempt.

All comments were made while I was watching this. They will not make sense otherwise.
1) They both are worthless pieces of shit. Your point?
2) Bush Jr’s National Guard service was a scandal…..WHY???!!! Was it because he _volunteered_ for it unlike let himself be put into basically fucking slavery via the draft? Yes… I can see how horrifying that could be for MANY of you…
3) Okay… is it just me… Or did he just make a Positive remark towards the Eisenhower….
4) Um what part of ” Very obvious pieces of a person’s character” do you not grasp about how a scandal is present about a person??
5) “Not being as bad as Donald Trump”
Well no shit that’s a low bar to clear. It’s so Gods damn low the fucking Blue Angels won’t even include said stunt in their routines.
6) Um… even those who are Conservation know better than to blame Hillary for Waco. That was her Husband, Bill, that was the president at that point in time… Or did you have a concussion and forget that…….
7) Benghazi…. You know there’s a reason a LOT of people won’t let this drop… and it’s because SHE IS A GODS DAMN WORTHLESS DUMB BITCH who ABANDONED that consulate. Go ahead and TRY to trot the source about Bush Jr and those embassy and consulate attacks and I will remind Bush SENT MOTHER FUCKING HELP YOU DAMN IDIOT. Clinton did the unforgivable. She left them to die. LEFT THEM TO DIE. Fuck you if you think that’s okay. Seriously.
8) “Failed to find sufficient evidence…” what is that, code talk for we bought off the right people and threatened to kill the families of the right people so she wouldn’t get prosecuted? And just what exactly has prosecution of a politician ever yielded? Go on, go find it… I’ll wait. (BTW You won’t find anything.)
9) The Emails: Look… she claimed she didn’t send any classified emails… even LIBERAL SOURCES confirmed she sent well over 130 emails that had classified information and she was too LAZY to keep them classified. Blech. And ya’ll wonder why I wouldn’t trust that fucking harpy….
10) Yeah. No Shit.
11) It’s called a purse dumbass.
12) Hey John, I love you only mention _mostly_ conservatives in order to give the illusion of balance. Actually… most of the offenders are idiot dems or neoliberals. Nice try Dumbass.
13) Holy fuck are you that dumb? YOU ADMITTED ON LIVE NATIONAL TELEVISION THAT YOUR PERSONAL SERVER WAS THE *SAME* ONE AS WHAT BILL CLINTON USED AFTER HE GOT OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE?!?!?!??! Bitch…. do you even understand the concept of keeping your mouth shut about stuff that involves your family at least? What the Gods Damn FUQ?!
14) Kars…4… Kids…. Wow that’s a fresh level of hell….
15) Clinton foundation IS a conflict of interest. Gods…. Um… that’s like me buying stock on a sheep farm and stating it only to make sure I get the best yarn but I then start posting pictures about my future christmas/yule dinner….
16)  All right John… do you give Trump the same courtesy…. let’s see shall we…

17)  13% percent…. really only?  Yeah, you’re lying fuckstick.

How is this any WORSE than Chelsea Clinton running the Clinton Foundation?????????????

Oh and we are too stupid to catch his very on the nose joke…… *head desk*
20) Um… sorry but it sounds like you are the one who doesn’t understand a blind trust.  If THE Trump is not running and not making decisions but it’s still HIS money… Um… HeLLOOOOOO?!  Gods you people are making me consider my reduce my drinking edict…..
21) “12 lbs of foundation he wears of his face.”
Good one. Seriously.  He spends more time on TV than Clinton EVER will…..
22) Only just now facing questioning about his charity spending??? Oye, ya’ll are behind…. seriously behind….
23)  HEY HEY HEY!! Leave the Owls out this fucker.
24)  You are surprised by this?  He paid for a portrait with foundation money?  All right… what has Clinton paid for with her money… oh wait I forgot… You’re too scared to ask that.  Bleh…
25) Tebow is only bad because you saw him praying on the field you mental midget… Defend his right to pray like you defend Muslims… OH WAIT…….
Does that mean they are right too? No.
Does that mean they are exempted if they are the “right political party”? No.  Nice try.
27)  Bags of cocaine would have been easier to get rid of given the fact it’s been a fucking democrat in office for the past eight ish years and the fed groups are suffering from the lack of numbness…..
28) There is an equal number of scandals you stupid fuckstick.  Gods damn why do you think Johnson is trending?  He doesn’t have any scandals.  He gives honest answers and he actually is the only one with experience in keeping a government in check…

Too bad for the rest of you…. when it goes to hell if one of them is elected… those of us who pointed at Gary Johnson are going to point again and remind you “Told you so.”

I’m Evelyn StormRose, signing off on my first attempted rage fisk.  Sorry, I’m a newb at fisks.

Never underestimate the little things.

How little?

Something as insignificant as washing your face when you first get up.

Say wha Evie?”

I’m sure everyone’s noticed it’s been stupid quiet minus the occasional re-share of another blog article.  Well, I’m sure you remember me talking about having found something called bullet journeling.   Well, I’ve been working my way through improving my own take it on it and something happened.

I noticed I wasn’t taking care of myself as well I could be.  This is a symptom of depression and PTSD, that I had forgotten could be a warning sign of incoming bouts with that brick wall punching bag.  How bad was it?  I was showering like…every eight or so days.  I wasn’t doing a lot outside therefore wasn’t sweating a lot.  But…it just wasn’t important.  Everyone can attest to how much better one feels after a shower.  It’s a small way to induce endorphin’s into your system and really help lift your mood.

Things like brushing your hair and teeth. Keeping your nails clean (which is crucial) when you’re working with yarn and fabrics.  I found myself keeping an eye on my daily activities more because of the new system and I started noticing patterns, which is something this system allows you to keep track of.  A week  is easy to look over and see how ‘on the ball’ you are in taking of yourself.

Thankfully, while my depression bouts are waaaay more minor than years past, I’m starting to notice that weeks were I didn’t stay on top of my self care, the next week suffered in terms of productivity in taking care of projects and the apartment.  So I have a very specific section now: Vitamins, brushing my hair and teeth, Showering, Exercise.

It’s helping but I’m still working on staying on top of it.  It take about two ish weeks it seems to pull fully out of slumps right now.  My goal is to get that reduced to just a week over the next year.  I realize that may seem like a paltry goal to some folks, but that’s a realistic one for me and when/if I manage to do better, it’ll just be a sweeter victory.

Also as you can imagine, because of the fact I’m noticing these patterns of depression and working on lessening the slumps, it affects my writing. Even the silly posts like this get affected.  However, small steps will continue to be made and will continue to work.  I’ll keep you posted as best I can.

On dying

I have a woman crush on Nicki.

The Liberty Zone

I’ve been thinking about dying lately. No, I’m not terminally ill or anything, but still… with reports about California’s assisted suicide law having gone in to effect, my mind has gone into overdrive.

A few days ago, the Daily Mail ran this story about a woman who, at 41, became one of the first Californians to take advantage of the state’s new doctor-assisted suicide law. I’m not sure if “take advantage” is the correct term for this. As someone who loves life, it’s hard for me to imagine making the choice that Betsy Davis did.

In early July, Betsy Davis emailed her closest friends and relatives to invite them to a two-day party, telling them: ‘These circumstances are unlike any party you have attended before, requiring emotional stamina, centeredness and openness.’

And just one rule: No crying in front of her.

The 41-year-old artist with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, held…

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Creative Process

As folks may have noticed, I’m still working getting it back.  It went “Ka-BLOWY!” on me about a year ago and it’s been an up hill climb though along the way there’s been some new things learned, new hobbies, new techniques to reign in my ADD aka over the place tendency and new information on old things that are in the category of “GODS DAMNIT!”.

So what’s helping me get back into my groove?


My normal Saturday night game is good just keeping in contact with folks more normal than me (ya’ll really are at times).  I’ve been playing a mobile game called Summoner’s War for almost two years now, but there was something missing.  Between picking up Pokemon Go (Team Instinct!  Seriously… me on a red team or the blue team… ugh guys, you don’t even know me *sobs*)

Angry Birds (Oh yeah.  You know it.)  Final Fantasy Record Keeper (YEHEHEHEHEH!!!) Star Wars Uprising.   The game to round everything out was Wizard 101.  I can play all of these games and be crocheting or knitting while playing them.  Yeah, you read that right.  And since the mojo is back in crocheting, the writing is very very slowly following.  Like trying to grab the ground screaming and crying, following.  Oye.

Gaming helps but in way I don’t quite fully get.  I know it’s giving my brain exercise in creative ways.

“Well what happens when you get bored with them or run out of content?”

Eh guess I’ll find a new game or take one of the myriad of free classes online.  Staying on top of my creative process and giving such things plenty to chew is damn important.  A lesson I know well, but that keeps getting new bits and pieces of information added to it.



Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks!
The goal is to have the Etsy shop out of vacation mode and back up and running by August 1st. I’ll be accepting orders again through there, and there alone.  
HOWEVER, there’s going to be a waiting list policy from now on. Three active ongoing at any one time. First come, first served basis.
I have been trying to see if there’s better sites than Etsy, but Etsy still comes out ahead in terms of just better fees all around.
I accept Paypal and debit/credit card over on Etsy.
No, I can’t see your information.  No, I can’t charge you anything that wasn’t a part of the listings that you might purchase.  Yes, I can refund your money…but only if you return the item.  Complaints will be met with a “No refund without the item(s) in question being returned.”   You aren’t going to be keeping my work for free.
The next few weeks I’m going to be getting a lot of photography work done (I hope) and getting listings and the like ready. Along with finishing a few more items of stock. Once we’re back up and running be sure to check the page I have here at the blog for updates.




HEHEHEHEHE.  Gotcha.   Oh but have I?   So for those of you who have been here for awhile will notice that  a couple of my site pages are now missing.  Those have been pulled down for the time being while I conduct some edits.

Changeling’s Agony: Awakening is finished for the most part.  Coming soon is going to be the next title in the series –  Changeling’s Agony: Metamorphosis.   I’m going to be doing a lot of work on Awakening because I’d to try publishing it hopefully January 2017.  However this means more fleshing out, possible serious edits that cause it to not look like anything you remember from the original story you saw here and I’m now on DeviantArt keeping an eye for a good artist.

Also on tap will more work showing off my crocheted projects.  There hasn’t nearly been enough varied content to suite me but as far as I can the creative funk I was in has lifted for the most part.   Go me.

I don’t have a time table yet for the next installment of Changeling’s Agony, but I’ve been fleshing out bits and pieces here and there and so far it’s encouraging.   But I won’t get your hopes, as I’ve learned I don’t do well when I overly pressure myself.  You wanna talk self-sabotage?  Oye.

How’s it…going? Hanging? Hooking?

Well if you recall from prior posts my insomnia came screaming back.  At this point I’m just kinda like MEH.  It’s not subdued and it’s not going away any time soon.  So what am I doing in the meantime?

Why crocheting of course!

Ya should have seen that one coming….

So what all am I working on?

Project one is finishing off an order for Sharkies for a friend.  He asked for two adult and three kids and I’m just gonna be glad when I finish it’s been a not good spring and early summer for focusing on crochet projects.  Yeah, you read that right, I’ve been having trouble focusing on crochet. I’ve been getting an average of 300 stitches a day.

That’s not that many for me.  I on good days average waaay more than that.   ……you know I’ve actually never counted my stitches on a good day because of much I usually get done on normal days because it’d be an astronomical number.

Project two is a granny square coat.  There are a lot of really nice coats.  There’s Example A , Example B and Example C.  The last one being my personal favorite in terms of what’s been done with the granny square in non-hey-look-someone-cut-up-that-old-afghan-from-the-back-of-the-sofa.  Experimenting with colors and different yarn types with the simple stitches like this are what yield unique and elegant pieces.

Project three is a Pineapple Shawl.  Now my pineapple shawls have developed over time a unique quirk in them.  They are big.  They all have flaws unique to each one made (not deliberate, honest!).  I’ve been using more unique yarns to make them as well.  Pictures once it’s done. Promise.

Project four is another coat, however this one is going to be a touch more unique. It’s in a gorgeous maroon and gold color scheme. Not quite retro 70’s gold and dark maroon, but even to really give it a nice take back look.  I’m also using a drop stitch.  It’s gonna be killer.

Project five is top secret.  Sowwy.  There’s so many pieces and so much work in P5 that it’s going to take awhile to finish and I’m not going to make another like it.  Oye.

Project six  is finishing a blue and urban camo coat.

Project seven is finishing DR’s and I’s afghan.

Project eight is making building a stock of chemo caps and premie hats.

And with being up late and sleeping less than optimal…means I’ve plenty of time. Let’s not get into the several pages of ideas for new crochet projects that I’m NOT starting but writing down.  I’ve enough on my plate.  Adding seconds before finishing firsts, is just rude.


Prepping…not just for SHTF.

Hey it was the catchiest I could think of.  Back off.

And Happy Birthday to my DR.  We went camping.

I put my foot down, which is not hard when it comes to camping.  We had gone camping many times before but for only a day and a night. This time for his birthday, I demanded we go camping for two nights and three-ish days.  Naturally he cut me off…as he eagerly made happy sounds about going camping finally for the first time, the two of us for more than one night.  I love my goober.

“Okay…so what did you prep?”

The single most important key thing that makes or breaks all camping trips.  The one thing that causes camping weary to cry in horror or faint in delight -The Food!

Now while I and my friend Rhi managed to keep our food interesting (hell, they let me buy one of their ducks, hold it for killing and spent three hours plucking, gutting and then plotting what to do with nommy nommy nommy fresh duck….*wipes drool*.  My apologies to my vegetarian friends….sort of.) there was still a bit of a hard limit on what we could bring that would be good for three weeks of camping solid and let me tell you something… I’m not ashamed to state towards the end, we went into the closest town and I got some Sonic and some damn potato chips.   Of all the things to crave towards the end of a long camping expedition…potato chips…

I never said I made sense.

So what have I done this tasty time?   Well taking a page from a group that camps a lot, I followed one of the tricks they showed.  Basically, you half  to mostly cook the components for one of your meals and mix them up into a casserole, put into a tin/foil cooking dish, chill for a day or two days depending on how much you are needing to make for how long and then…. put on top of the food!!!! because if you have rice in it, you will need to leave some liquid in it so that the rice can finish cooking.

Once you get camp set up and have your fire going, about 20-30 minutes before your’e ready to eat and have let the fire die down to coals, put your tin dish on the coals.  Boom, dinner.  I did a chicken, zucchini, mushroom and rice with a spicy coconut sauce.

On top of that, we have the standard fare of a corn of the cob (that’s DR’s), some very tasty chicken sausage and beef franks (very Evie friendly and damn tasty and no you can’t have any), sliced potatoes with bacon pieces in between each other potato slice (hellllooooo breakfast. =D ) and steak.  Well…sorta steak.

It’s actually a roast round (you know the big ones that get thrown in crock pots).  I found I like using the biggest cuts for what I need to terms of red meat needs.  For one it’s easier finding them on sale which will make them cheaper by the pound. Secondly, I’m able to cut it up into whatever size pieces I need or want and then the scraps and fats, etc can be cooked up lightly for the Dogs.  Oh they are going to love this camping trip.

So after practicing some proper hand postures while punching the steak to tenderize it, I seasoned them simply with salt, black pepper, dried lime and garlic powder.  Let them sit for about ten minutes before making I’ve wrapped them flat in tin foil.  Stacked them into a big ziplock bag and then…wait for it…put them back into the freezer.  See it June here in Arizona and while Mingus Mountain is around 7k+ feet up, it’ll still be pretty warm and the cooler will need all the help it can get, hence the freezer.

The steaks were dinner for the second night, after having spent much of the day thawing out but keeping the cooler at a good temperature so as not to worry about any food spoilage.

Let’s just say, Nom.


Choosing home.

Also just a note for folks, I publish this at 6 am PST which means I think 10 am for those of you on the East Coast.   I’m not publishing them any early earlier than that because some days these don’t get written or finished until about oh…4 am.  0_0  I wish I were kidding….

So today is let’s talk about one of the things that’s been heavy on the back of my mind and that’s the future of the homestead.  DR and I are talking about doing so here somewhere in the farmable areas of Arizona.  Yes they exist and no the entire state is not a fucking desert for fucks sake.  We have a lot of desert but it is NOT the whole of the state.  Hell we even have a small tundra climate at the top of the tallest mountain here: Humphrey’s Peak .   Yes parts of all four Deserts of the North American continent can be found here in Arizona.

Everything from below sea level in a few areas to high alpine.  There are pocket climates however that are fed by the several (!!) rivers and areas that great for homesteading.

Then there’s the plant zones.  We have zones 6a through 9b.  Aaaaannnnddd only a few people are probably going to know what I just said.   Here’s the link and be careful, you can play with the map a little bit.

Then comes into the economy, the taxes, the laws (homeschooling, gun rights, imminent domain, marijuana – this one is due the fact this is a victimless crime, and the rates of conviction in this area can be very telling in how fucked up a state’s police and judicial areas are and homesteading laws, etc).

There’s no “Hey it’s by the ocean and should be fun for parties”, “The schools are good” – Hello! homeschooling; “Diversity!”   …..oh fuck off.  Imposed diversity fucks everyone over.  It’ll happen organically and naturally as people tend to gravitate to those who are like them in at least 50%.  There are people on my friends list whom that’s the maximum I have in come with is 50%.   There’s probably a blog post in that 50% rule somewhere, but I’m dealing with other things like needing to feel I’ve accomplished some writing even if it’s only a blog post and taking a hammer to some issues as stated in my last post…..or maybe it’s a mallet…. huh…..

Let’s see…other factors not as important are things like weather.  DR hates humidity.  I grew up in Northern Indiana which despite what some people, we get it to and there were days I remember that were worse than the worst days in TN.  Hey at least in Indiana, it meant getting to watch popcorn thunderstorms grow and rumble menacingly in distance.   ….yeah I might miss that a touch.  I also miss popcorn and am allergic to corn though that seems to be lessening.

We got skunked last year on the “Monsoon season”.  HEY! Stop laughing. That’s what they call it and I’m rolling with it. Though to be honest there’s been some serious building of conditions favorable to storms so here in the next few days this week it’s probably gonna cut lose.

He likes the cold, I’m in the meh camp.  Finding a good balance also of what’s an acceptable distance from population centers and far enough out for my tastes is the real big one.  As you can imagine…. a homebody like has no problem with an hour drive into town for re-supplying.  DR the PI on the other hand……yeah…..