Goofy project

20170511_22390920170511_22392320170511_223934So the other day while checking in on some of my international news sources, I stumbled across a couple of articles that made me see red.  For several minutes.  I’m not going to go into details on them because I can’t focus on my day when I get as mad as what this news made me.

I need to calm down and do something creative so I decided to make a journal. I had a composition notebook that had died and I wanted to use the still viable sections.  I hate wasting paper almost as much as I hate wasting or having to throw away yarn. So I decided that I would use the paper to make myself a journal for the month of December of this year.  I had run out of space in the current journal I’m using for December, so it was logical.


Yeah the cover is a bit goofy and simple but that’s okay. I’ve never claimed to be a good drawing or painting artist.  It was a nice little project that definitely helped me re-focus about that anger stint.  Frankly, I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out.

When I was in my early teens, my mom had cleaned out one of the cabinets at the church we went too and it had had a LOT of loose paper.  I don’t remember where it all came from but for the next about four months after that I was obsessed almost with figuring out and making my own journals and books.  Let me tell you, you figure out really quickly that Awls are good for paper too. I was a bit curious to see if now that I was much older, if I’d gotten better at it.

20170511_235149 As you can see from this last picture I had some fun with the Washi tapes.  I’m in love with the flower prints tapes.

So that’s that. I made a journal and it turned out pretty good.  I’d never make these to sell as the covers are too crude for such things, but they serve my purposes.  It was nice making one of these again.

Next time, I’ll be talking about my creative process for my yarn creations.  It’ll be a longer article though I think you guys will enjoy the peek into my insanity on that front.