Stages of Home Comfort

For the past week and a half we’ve hosted a friend of DR’s as he’s trying to get himself, his almost two year old son and his ten year old GSD into a new place as retarded asinine landlords seem to be more common here in Phoenix than other places. There’s been some interesting perspectives that I’ve been finding myself staring in the face due to the houseguest.

The first one is what one would prioritize as essentials for comfort along with the fact that many people learn the hard way how to take baby steps towards an end goal. Many are used to just jumping straight to the end thing not realizing all the steps that they are skipping and should really know and be aware of.

Example: MUSIC is a must when I’m working. A couple months ago at this point, DR found some bluetooth speakers for a price we could afford. Yoink! So for the past couple of months, I’ve been able to connect my phone while cleaning and that has made that particular set of chores sooooo much easier these days.  And now, due to the old computer dying and tribe putting in towards helping me get the new computer, I can connect my computer to these speakers. This makes working and finishing a couple of the crochet projects that kinda need worked on at this point on the bed, much easier.

Second one is the things that make home feel like home in ways you don’t really think about sometimes. We finally got the last of the two paintings (cheap ones mind you) hung up. I have walls that feel like a lived home now in most of the rooms. It’s a little bit amazing at how something as simple an oil painting by a local artist on the wall can make a space yours.

There’s a third thing of a silly linen factor. Well not silly to me, but it might be to other folks because it’s something a lot of people don’t think about. We have three sets of sheets…. however I’ve been pushing that we get some king sized flat sheets as when the dogs are on the bed with us…we run out of covers frequently.  With the houseguests, both dogs and the cat (heh, tell ya about her later) sleep on the bed with us because the human puppy is not ours so they aren’t sure how to deal with it. (I didn’t know boys could that note of a scream, let’s put it that way.)

Having three fleece blankets would be a good idea, especially when we can’t afford to go do laundry one week and need to wait a couple and need to change the bedding… crocheted bedspreads are awesome but they work best with a second thinner blanket.

And hand towels….I never realized we needed about four more to really round our household needs. Think I would have noticed that had I still been single? Probably not but when you’re making plans to start the human side of the family it’s like this giant magnifying glass suddenly appears and you start becoming acutely aware of things that are lacking.

Like damn near unbreakable dishes. We’ve had at least two glasses die in the past couple of weeks. Organizing things like comfort teas and foods? Yeap that gets a look over as well. Hell organizing anything suddenly gets weird because you find yourself thinking “Is that really the most logical place for that?!”

I’ve been adding up how many baby blankets we’ll need… how many sets of sheets and trying to figure out when the kids will end up with a twin sized bed…how this that and the other thing….

There also the fact that once our kids are born… DR is going to be insufferable and he’s going to understand several things that other parent friends of ours deal with much more accurately. He gets it but something about having your own flesh and blood tends to make certain concerns much louder.

Having a set time of doing chores in a household that unnaturally chaotic in the evenings right now has been a huge help and not something that had crossed my mind before.

I’m sure there’ll be other things that occur to me before they’ve been able to get moved into their new homes. I just hope it’s this weekend that they’re able to move…. I’d like my house back.



A while back I sat down and was talking about positive triggers.  I’m going to try to expand on that today. The reason why it popped into my head is because this past week, I got news that left me seeing red and thinking black. I can honestly and safely I did not consider harming myself…unless you count the mistake of drinking angry. Which BTW Brandy is most emphatically NOT the liquor to be drinking when drinking angry. Get some horse pis… I mean… light beer to drink. At least you’ll be full before you’re drunk or sick. (No ribs were cracked in the result.)


This is something that is the culmination of a lot of reading, talking to other people who deal with the same or similar problems as I do. Let’s jump into this.

60 things/minutes:

  • 60 crochet stitches
  • 60 knitting stitches
  • 60 strokes of a paintbrush
  • 60 minutes of music
  • 60 minutes of your favorite TV show
  • 60 pushups
  • 60 situps
  • 60 pulled weeds
  • 60 strokes of brushing your hair (should have the longer locks)
  • 60 minutes reading a book you’ve read before (that way it’s easier to put down when the times up alarm goes off)
  • etc etc

The point is to spend 60 minutes doing something or do 60 of the same thing. If you do minutes of something, set an alarm. The point of the 60 is something long that forces you brain to reset. Forces you to calm down. Also rolls into the idea of a Zen project. A Zen project is a project you only work on when feeling anxious, depressed, angry etc. Can be any hobby. Woodworking, crocheting, embroidery, etc. Some of my zen projects have gone on to very happy owners after they were done. Which was basically icing on those particular “cakes”.

10 minutes/things:

  • play with your pets
  • put ten things away
  • spend ten minutes working on one thing
  • go outside for ten minutes
  • spend ten minutes gathering up trash and then throw it away.
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
  • 10 dishes washed
  • pull 10 weeds

Again, same as with the 60. Only in a smaller chunk. You’re doing something productive. And you might only get one of those done in a day, but you’ve just accomplished a measure of control on your world.

5 minutes/things:

  • jumping jacks
  • crochet
  • knit
  • play with dogs
  • wash five dishes
  • five minutes in a room and clean something
  • sit down with a cup of tea or coffee
  • Organize a book shelf
  • sweep room
  • wash a window

Starting to see a pattern? Many of these tasks you’ll find you spend more than five or ten minutes on. Once you get rolling washing dishes many times I find by the fifth dish I’m checking over the drainer to see how many more I can fit in.

Many times I start sweeping and find I want to do just one more room, which ends up turning into the whole house sometimes. I’ll dust for five minutes. Add five stitches to a project over here, then another five to a project over there, and soon I’ve worked on five things and made a little bit of progress.

These are not hard and fast number triggers. These are what I’m finding are working. Some folks might want to adjust it to a 45-15-1 rule.

The point is to deliberately set out to do a thing. Do it for a set amount of repetitions or time. Oh hey look at that. You should took control in your life and have induced a measure of order.

When you’re working on yourself, sometimes the only progress you can make is in small steps. Especially if you’re one of those folks who works every day at a regular job. Your day might look something like:

  1. Wake up.
  2. make breakfast (five minutes)
  3. Make coffee (favorite cup)
  4. Make lunch (ten minutes)
  5. head to work
  6. get home from work
  7. Sit and chill playing pets (5 minutes work but I recommend ten)
  8. wash ten dishes
  9. make dinner and eat (60 minutes)
  10. wash ten more dishes put everything up
  11. check social sites (seriously start breaking that up into smaller chunks too!)
  12. room at random to clean something in

You get the idea. If you work from home like I do technically, set an alarm or timer or something so that you’re breaking your work up into 60 minute chunks. Take five minutes into between each hour and play with your dogs, stretch and just step away from the work in general.

Small steps after awhile when you glance over your shoulder, will have carried you a lot farther than you thought. Again, as emphasized in my last positive triggers note, you need to journal journal journal. Document everything or as much as you are comfortable writing down.

You’ll start noticing which 60-10-5 things work the best in taming an internal problem. Keep those things tucked away in the back of your mind for days that just seem to be out to destroy you mentally. On those days, give yourself permission to do 10 five things. Those are the days to limit it to small things until you’ve started to feel things calm down then do a couple ten things.

Make sense? I hope so.

Project 40

I’m currently spearheading a fundraiser. There is no gofundme page or any thing like that, I’m putting all sales from my Teespring store and my Etsy store towards this fundraiser.  Normally one might go yeah hey great, here donate, but our household has been the recipient of many kind donations over the past couple years.

So this time around, let me earn that money k? LOL

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks Etsy

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks TeeSpring

Thank you in advance for any shares you might make and especially thank you if you decide to buy something. I will be working on the Etsy adding some new things hopefully all weekend as I’m updating the photos for several of my listings.


Creativity peptalk

Or conversely where Evelyn tries to get several folks I know to stop feeling so bad about not being productive.

…. ready for failure? Cheerio, off we go.

Do you have your days mapped out? This is a serious question. Have you on days where you feel like you’re just not getting anything done, paid attention to everything you’ve done on that day? I’m going somewhere with this, sit tight.

Have you been honest with yourself about how much time you’re spending on social medias like Tumbler, Facebook, etc? Anything that is a social get together site. Have you been honest about how much you’re spending on it with yourself?

How about sitting in front of NetFlix? Or Amazon Prime? Or YouTube? Watching new things that require you to engage in the show?

When was the last time you spent all day just listening to your favorite albums through the years? ALL. OF. THEM.  and not shared them to webs?

Most folks by this point know I deal with depression and PTSD and anxiety daily at varying levels of intensity. Scary thing: I started seeing that if I didn’t have a certain type of music going that is very uplifting for me overall, being on social media sites was depressing.  I was starting my day with something depressing. Adjustment and counters were experimented with and I found that a station on Pandora based on David Arkenstone’s music worked.

So here is suggestion number one:
Don’t go onto social media immediately after getting up. Don’t scroll through with your first cup of coffee. Don’t even look at your email.  Give yourself about 15-30 and some folks you should give yourself even as much as an hour.  If you’re christian, make that your morning devotional time. If you’re an atheist make that your daily reading time of something of a book or go sit outside and enjoy it the day. Play with your pets, share a cup with your SO or make breakfast.
Don’t engage with the outside world immediately.

If you have online shops like Etsy, Teespring and an Ebay… don’t check it daily. Take and give yourself two days a week, they don’t have to be back to back, and don’t look. Leave it alone. That can act as a source of stress that will aggravate the rest of your shit and make it easier to lose control of your day.

Suggestion number 2:
Give yourself permission to take time off from your main and secondary sources of income or hobby. Literally ignore them and forgive yourself for feeling bad about ignoring them. You have to let yourself take genuine breaks.

Part of why folks begin to lose their productivity is burnout. Burnouts can be avoided. But you have to honest with yourself about your time usage. Because seriously, burnouts fuck over everything in your life. They affect everything when they happen and you don’t deserve to experience an burnout. No one deserves crashing and burning. You shorten your life with those.

On the days where you’re trying to force yourself to work, stop pushing so hard. If you have a story that’s been fighting you, back off of it. Go back to the beginning of the story and just start reading it. Do a little editing as you go, you may find yourself adding a paragraph here or there that just works better with the story and by the time you reach the current end you might have the story flow again and can add stuff to it. Punishing yourself for not being to write isn’t going to let you write (I speaking for experience on this and think this is part of the reason I’ve only one short story ( Nullifcation ) finished.  I had to give myself permission to take my time on it. I had to let myself ignore it for a few days and I re-read that sucker multiple times over to re-catch the flow.

If you crochet a lot or knit or sew a lot and have multiple projects ( I hope you made a tag for the crocheted and knit projects that has the hook/needle size on it!) add just a few stitches to all of the projects. Yes all of them.  Even if you’re only finishing a row or changing a color or just adding a few inches of stitching, you’re still accomplishing something.  You’ve made progress on all of your projects and you can set them back down and go on with your day with that bit of accomplishment to help you take care of your household and yourself.

I’ve been finding I have to give myself permission to not feel bad about having projects unfinished. I’ve been finding I have to give myself permission to be upset I can get the camera I want, or the dress form I want or the amount we’re lacking in our bank accounts to step up everything I do.  I have to give myself permission to let that annoyance go.

Suggestion three:
Give yourself permission to be annoyed and then let yourself let go of it. If you’ve run over in your head the situations a thousand times over, one more time isn’t going to show you what you might have missed. Deliberately set projects aside. Mentally see yourself looking at a project and saying “I’m going to take a break from you. It’s time out for you.”

Putting things on the back burner, does not equal giving up on them. It means you’re taking a break and your sanity and creativity will thank you.


Nullification Part 2

Copyright 2017 Evelyn Zinn.
All rights Reserved.

I don’t know how I ended with always having Fridays off but I was not about to complain…other than my favorite spots always being too crowded to bother with. Between my favorite used book store and hipster craft joint in the snob side of town, Friday’s were the day I retreated to my refuge.  I wasn’t alone today. Maxine asked to see the chest.

I wasn’t entirely sure it it was wise but I invited her out anyways. There was a joint buy not long ago that I got in on.  I say not long ago but it’s been damn near ten years. I was seventeen and a small trust fund that I wanted to spend on something practical and I… became a part of a joint buy. Eighty acres of land with 7 other entities.  Over time I’ve bought out all but two and we’ve pretty much laid out boundaries and a common area. I was sitting on twenty acres at this point and okay yeah, my cottage out there was the most stereotypical damn witch cottage on the planet. Right down to the field stone walls.

I spent a summer building this by myself. Sweating, bleeding, cussing and wondering. It was an amazing little cottage that I managed to make completely off grid by sheer dumb luck. An estate auction for the solar panels, a good friend in town for a few months for the wiring and another who was bored for the plumbing. I had it set up just right. Including a few chambers for things that needed…. sealed off by earth and rock and only to be lit by lantern and candle. However, I had another place of safety that I could put overly dangerous items. It frustrated the local game and fish department because they could never find the burning objects that appeared on the dam’s cameras.

Such was this chest. There was very old magic tied into it. It was made from Black Forest woods and painted with Italian oils. The hinges of metal were new compared to the wood, probably added after it reached North American shores. It was what was in inside that made it so valuable to the knowing eyes.

I watched as Maxine touched the lid reverently and whispered ancestor prayers. Her families ancient tongue never bother me like Rosscoe’s did but there was still something awful about standing there hearing it. Maxine had three children, but they all had grown up in the community. They knew the drama and preferred to be solitaries.  Even then, I still got along with all of them and they had stuck this one on me. In exchange for working for me at the store for three weeks straight so that I could go see Glacier National Park finally. Her husband though had vanished into a world even more shadowy than that of the pagan community. She had woken up one day to find a box of paperwork and found out she was a rich woman. She never asked how and that has always been for the best in my opinion.

On the inside of the chest one could begin to see an age. There were runes. Pict spiralgraphs and hieroglyphs of an even older age. If you were like me, you could feel the working someone had done to start wearing down the chest just so that they could find it. They grabbed the wrong damn book though.  I had to keep that mantra in my head. If I didn’t, I would become consumed with finding the lost book.  The other journals were the important things.  The keys.

One of the most poignant lessons an astute practitioner learns is to hide things in plain sight because you never know when the tides will cause the current to turn against you. I watched Maxine pull each book out and name it. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she made sure I spelled each name right. I watched her wrap each journal gently and gracefully in silk.

We had waited years to find this chest. I had taken each segment of the maps’ path a month at a time so as not to trigger any traps or let anyone know what I was doing. It wasn’t enough. I fully expected to scolded within an inch of my life.

Maxine with the last book turned and looked at me.

“You were right.”

I remained silent.

“The pieces needed will be in those remaining though. I’m confident in your abilities.”

I raised an eyebrow.

My abilities? I’m not the one who wanted it found. I’m not the one whose been…kept in the dark… to the greater world surrounding our tourist town.”

Maxine sighed as she placed the bound volumes into a large duffel bag.

“It’s for your own good. This is the town that you will find needs the help the most right now, but in the future… once you’ve perfected your technique… you can let all this go and let it rest like it deserves.”

We pushed the very brittle and dry canoe out into the water with the chest. I lit it on fire and shoved it hard. Tomorrow the news channels would be a lit with the news of a flaming object off of the Army Corps of Engineers dam but none of the security cameras were working that night. How odd.

Friday wasn’t over yet for me. I got back to the studio apartment I live to find Marcus and his bottle of absinthe waiting.  Marcus was the contact for the Voodoo group in this town. Me… I was the mutt. Everyone else talked to me and the Voodoo did too, only because they had to.  Which in my mind, made me think them stuck up.

He offered me absinthe and I gave him information. The Voodoo had a stake in what was happening just as much as the Native spirits and ancestral spirits and gods did. It was okay that I was hated by some. I had stopped caring after a particularly blunt lesson in what needed to be worried about.

“What all is there?”

“Pieces I don’t think were ever believed to have existed. Pieces no one human believed had been figured out.”

He looked at me over his goblet.


“Seriously. There are pieces here that if I said too much around anything, would get us both killed and even that little bit has me concerned.”

“Can’t be that bad. You’re an under the radar kind of gal.”

“Sometimes. There were family names that have been extinct for at least a hundred years. The amount of time and work it’s going to take to properly and respectively destroy these journals is…daunting.

“You’ll be fine. That said, are you still going through with it?”

“Hmmm? Oh hells yes. The balance of the spirit world is in danger and this could well be the only damn way to rectify it. Can we stop talking about this? I need to get a night of relaxation in.”

Marcus nodded and poured the rest of the bottle out between the two of us.

“Then we shall play games until dawn and drink until sober.”





Nullification Part 1

Copyright 2017 Evelyn Zinn. All rights reserved.

The worst part about coming into work on a Thursday was that it was always Maxine on duty. This shrill spinster always had to have some kind of sound on. Some days it was thankfully 80’s, other days it was miserable news stations peddling a new outrage for their addicts. We started our blasted days at 4:30 in the forsaken butt crack of dawn. Noise, was the last thing my brain needed. The best thing was she always had the best coffee ready for me. Some days that woman would meet me at the door and wouldn’t let me finish coming inside until I had drank half the cup. Today, she even included dark chocolate milk in it.

That was my first clue that something was up.

I dug into my tasks quickly as for all I knew she was telling me it had been a bad morning and didn’t want to deal with anyone or anything. I didn’t speak for at least three hours. I think I even managed to super clean everything. At 8 AM sharp, we were ready to open and open we did to a line of folks.  Many of whom I knew  well enough to know I was better off staying at the fabric cutting table and not moving unless summoned.

Rosscoe always came in at 11:15 am sharp.  Today she was five minutes early. Dear Diary… what the actual fuck?

She immediately hoped onto the second table and started cutting fabric.

“Please tell me it doesn’t look like Marcus is going to call out. We’re going to need someone on the shelves stocking asap. We’re almost out of black, red and orange anything.”

I shrugged as I finished measuring the last of a bolt of fabric.  It was a lovely fall pattern on a dark grey background.

As I handed it off to Lady Oak, one of the oldest members of our local community, she leaned in as she took and winked at me.

“Think these young whippers snappers will ever learn the value of prints?”

I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as she chuckled and headed to the register where Maxine was busy.

Lunch time was always 1 pm.  Today it seemed like it was never going to happen.  We always closed the store for an hour for lunch.

After getting caught up, we all met in the backroom.

“Did it become October and I missed it somehow because of a coma?” I asked.

Marcus chuckled.

“I see you haven’t heard.”

I raised an eyebrow while beginning to inhale a sandwich.

“Apparently, there are no sounds coming from the spirit world right now.”

Maxine didn’t pause but glanced in my direction not so subtly.

“WHA?!” I said with a mouthful.

“You’re the one that liked poking into that world,” Rosscoe teased in her baritone voice.

“Used to. Key words.”

Maxine just frowned and didn’t say anything. I don’t think Marcus or Rosscoe noticed her silence but let me tell you I sure did. Maxine is one of the most opinionated women in town. She’s the lady you’d expect to leading the local gossip… I mean uh… stitch and bitch and quilting group at the library on Mondays. Not a word.  She just keep looking into her tea and thoughtfully running her thumb on the lip and handle.

Seven pm didn’t come soon enough.  We sold a lot from the store today but sales like this usually only happened on Sabbats, Esbats, rare astronomical events and “OMG get this surplus out of our broom closest” sales.  For a “New Age” store, we did a lot of crafting business.  No not that kind of crafting, the other kind.  We had the biggest selection of fabrics and threads be they yarn or sewing thread, in our county.  So even though we had the “Spooky Room” most folks didn’t care because the “spooky” stuff was out of sight.

Thursdays were my long day.  I opened and I closed. Days like today… took a good hour just to sweep the store. Then there was the whole putting bolts over two yards back on the shelf and then tagging anything under two yards and putting it into the color sorted bins. Maxine helped me.

Dear Diary…. Okay this went from weird to terrifying.

I finally stopped once we got through the cottons and had only the silks and satin’s left.

“Okay…. what is it?” I asked, my hands on my hips.

Maxine pulled herself onto the table and clasped her hands.

“Do you remember the puzzle I gave you when you were but a small child?”

Ah.  I finally knew where she was going. I didn’t feel good about it but I was no longer terrified.

“Yeah. I finished when I was ten.”

Maxine looked at me startled.

“You’ve had that finished for the past seventeen years?”

I only nodded.

“You followed the clues didn’t you?”

“I finished making my map and lining up the landmarks. Yes, last night was the last night I followed the map on.”

Maxine gripped the table with both hands and leaned forward.


“I have good news and bad news.”

She turned white. I knew there was no gentle way of saying what I needed to so I just rushed into it like the idiot I can be at times.

“I found the chest. However, someone else had beaten me to it. It looked as though it had only been found that day but the chest was so badly rotted that the entire clasp was just wretched from it. The lock still intact. Now I need you to confirm something for me. The number of pieces of that puzzles were the number of journals I should have found right?”


“There was only one missing.”

Maxine looked at me perplexed.

“Are… you serious?” she asked me.

“Yes. I imagine it was the more ornate or most intact one of them all. It wasn’t the one that whoever it was should have taken. I think that one was the cookbook,” I said with a half laugh.

“Claudette… are you sure?”

“Yes my Crone.”

“The chest?”

“Tried to disintegrate on me. I called a minion. I have it safe and everything in it is safe.”

“Then why is everything quiet?”

I thought for a moment.





Product review: Cotton yarn

DANGIT! I forgot to schedule this one.  Oh well, better late than never.

Okay so we’re doing to do a quickie review of the Hobby Lobby brand “I love this Cotton”.  I had picked up a skein of it to test it out for pads (This pattern is actually going to be updated in the next week as I’ve figured out slightly better joinings for the layers).  It’s a much softer cotton that the Peaches & Creme and Sugar & Cream cotton yarns that you can find anywhere that sells yarn.

It doesn’t work well for pads.  At all.  I’ve had them made for about six months now and I’m going to have to throw them away once I get replacements made.  They stretched way out to the point I can’t even use them for anything but very light days.

Now this cotton I can see being useful for baby toys and washcloth’s for babies as it’s the perfect softness for that and will probably hold up better for those uses.

So the Creme series is still the better cotton yarn for the re-usable pads. It’s not as soft, but I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter after the first wash, it loosens up and becomes more comfortable.  I don’t even notice it 99% of the time.  So there’s that and I’ll see ya’ll next time.

JRZT listings: Dice/Rune bags.

And these are just the first wave of bags to come.  I’m working on using a particular grouping of yarn from my stashes and have developed a knack for making very sturdy dice and/or rune bags.  Also going to be having deck bags soon (once I get more than one made…)

There are several folks who’ve been gifted one of these over the years and they tell me the bags are still kicking.

Each bag is unique and will never have one quite like it made every again. Click on the caption to be taken directly to the listing.

Dice bag.
Dice Bag number 2
Bag number 3


Bag number 4
Multi Purposed bags


Pattern Roundup

Here we go again with another pattern roundup for everyone.  This time I let random rule the searches and have been able to find quite a few cute patterns.  Once again, I’ll try to keep the ones you have to pay for down to one or two and keep the rest free, but we’ll see what happens.  You may end up with more bookmarks today.

First off under crocheting we have a rather cheeky gift for that friend of yours with chickens or ducks.  Ladies and gents an Egg gathering apron.

From Designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby we have a gorgeous throw.  It’s an updated feel to an older doilie design. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that’s where two of my favorite patterns come is updated doilie patterns.  Okay enough teasing, here’s the Mandala Throw, a free pattern.

Since we’re doing a quickie swing through of cheekiness check out these two free Halloween themed patterns in crocheting from Red Heart.  A Top Hat for the Mad Hatter in your family and what’s a costume pattern without a well dressed Pirate Wench.

Oooohhhh Halloween.  As you can guess, it is one of my favorite times of the year though here in Arizona it’s still too hot to wear capes in the daytime and most nights for that matter so dressing witchy and not getting weird looks for it has been shall we say…updated a bit.  For some spooky decor for your Halloween season why not let the Eyes have it? A rather well done, though not free pattern from the lovely Darleen Hopkins is sure to make an excellent gift pattern to the more quirky of your crocheting friends.

Well since we’re bouncing around inside of Halloween theme at the moment, how’s about a knit Witch’s Hat Cozy for your teapot?  Another pattern for the favorite’s list!

Say it’s a might chilly out this coming Halloween.  For those of you with a bit more experience in following knit patterns, this adorable Skull and Hearts cap for free just might fit the bill.

Now how about some dragons? Or snakes?  Or just a nifty tutorial on how to add scales to your knitting?  Heh, knew that would get some of you to pay attention.

And let’s not forget some classics like “Are you my Mummy?”, “How much is the Doll in the window?” or “You’re our only Hope.”  Just be sure to watch out for the big bad wolf  this year Little Red.

Now some of you may be wondering why I would link to some patterns you have to pay for.  Well I have three criteria that I use for linking to such.

  1.  It’s under six dollars.
  2. It’s the actual designer and the links I find go directly back to them.
  3. There’s a good chance that these patterns are that little extra keeping the power on, the rent paid and chickens fed.

Every little thing helps and it encourages the designer to keep working on new designs.  And all crafting people, love new designs.


Pattern spotlight I

Time for something a tad different.  I think I’ll be keeping this as a bi-weekly thing as well.

I’m going to start highlighting really cool crochet and knitting patterns as sort a means of inspiration springboarding.  So let’s dig in.

For knitting patterns we have a beautiful knit shawl/scarf called Sivia.  This one is not a free pattern, but if you’ve a ravelry account you can add it to your favorites toot sweet.

For something with a little more cutesy character and a neat little gift for first aid and medical career oriented friends are these  two patterns for a first aid kit.  One done in crochet and one done in knit.

If you’re like me, you love wraps and shawls and the classic Ruana is definitely a hybrid of both.

Then there’s the last pattern for this round.  An adorable blanket.   Mix this one up by doing it in crochet and use as a towel for the kids when at the beach.