End of the month pieces of odd

Holy crapp that was a fast month and this next one is going to be no slower with the move now on.

I think I mentioned this morning about how the Ovaries are hitting. *sighs* I love my comfy command chair but when the ova’s are doing their deal my hip joints just can not take sitting in that damn thing for long.

So I’m dealing with hormones being a bit harsher because it’s the right ovary this month. The one we are suspecting is broken either from cysts or other things that are just as unpleasant. The problems have decreased dramatically since switching almost fully over to re-usuable cotton crocheted pads. (I have that pattern here on the site, under Crochet Pattern). It’s been incredibly unnerving at how much my PMS symptoms have been relieved. Also in finding out… they don’t have to tell us woman what is in those pads and tampons.

All I know, I feel better and better with each passing month as whatever chemicals that were in those things is making it’s way out of my system. I like not collapsing every month in pain and being useless for three days. Though right now the rate is about every three-four months but I’m only down for about two days at that point. Unfortunately, the mild hormone depression is still around as well. Now, it’s not getting complicated by other depression inducing factors as much any more and I’m not crawling back into bed as much as I used to want it…however…. you can bet I’m still drinking on mint chamomile ginger tea at least for a day or two.

Also the “I don’t feel like doing jack squat” hasn’t gone away. I have dowel rods that need sanded down for broomstick lace use, I have boxes to pack and two more stitches to learn how to do before I open up the shop back up. Well… one crochet technique and one knitting stitch. Mitered crochet squares, to help spice up several of the things I make already and purling because… I don’t know how to do it. It’s an oddball goal that I have that I learn something knew in yarn working at least once a month. Either a new yarn and how it takes to various stitches or a new stitch.

The broomstick lace is really going to add some beef to the lineup. That actually proved easier than I had been cringing over.

Then there’s Changeling’s Agony and Nuovaria, all of which the characters of went “Nope, we ain’t playing with you right now. You aren’t where you should be right now in headspace and we ain’t cooperating. Go make nice with the baby dragons in the yarn lair.”

Said babies are sound asleep right now. Who knew the little bastards liked to hibernate when they were having growth spurts? 😉