Sunday Smudging’s: 11-15-2020

We’re already halfway through November?!

Let’s talk about depression and smudging my Roses.

I think this year everyone has been dealing with low grade depression even if they don’t want to admit it. I’ve dealt with depression all of my life (thanks to shit that happened when I was 2).

Yeah, I’ve experienced even those lows. However I’m still here. So I think I know a thing or two about dealing with depression.

First thing… it’s okay to have it. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It doesn’t mean you’re broken. Scarred? Probably. (I know I am and scar flares smart like a sunvabitch.) It doesn’t mean you have to put on a brave face if you don’t want to. It means, you deal with depression. Some days are worse than others.

Second thing – its okay if you have really bad days where nothing gets done. Gods of Old New and To Be know, I deal with that still. A lot. The worst times are around the Ovarian Rebellion times. The day before it starts… yikes. Just yikes. Those are also the days when the alcohol gets desired the most strongly and in large quantities. Still working on untangling that.

Now to talk about the smudging: Every person whose adopted smudging (whether it be with sage or a combination of other pleasant herbs like rosemary and lavender) knows a good smudge is worth the time. Now, we’ve all seen those bundles of sage/dried herbs damn near everywhere.

One of the first lessons a person learns is how to blow on the dried herbs… in a manner that doesn’t cause it to explode into flames. You learn that lesson right quick too! (That does carry over to fire-making? WELL DUH!)

The second lesson is how to properly snuff out said bundle… else it just keeps going. Or you can do what I got into a habit of doing and separating the bundle down into smaller pieces, that way the bundle lasts even longer.

Here recently I re-learned the lesson of after bad depression days: Smudge. Smudge thoroughly. All that energy you throw off on bad depression days tends to stick around and build up. You owe it to yourself to clean it out. So that when another bad day happens you’re not adding to it… and also not feeding off of what was left the last time.

It’s a type of spiritual hygiene. A kind of self care that many people seem to not to hit on. It’s such a simple thing that we can do for ourselves that it’s not surprising that it gets over looked. Heck, after that good smudge treat yourself to a hot bath or long hot shower. A big cup of tea and some quiet music for a little bit afterwards.

The point is to NOT beat yourself up for the bad days. The point is to take care of yourself in a way you might have been missing.

Two More Months

I don’t even have to clarify because I’m pretty certain all of you, know exactly what I’m talking about by referencing that. For many this year has crawled by. For myself, I feel almost guilty about it having been on almost all personal fronts, a good one.

However I have to admit to looking at 2021 with trepidation. For the simple reason… our lease here at the Phoenix house is going to up and we’ll be trying to navigate moving into a home we’ve purchased. Renting has become unsustainable for us. I need to be able to deal with things that affect the roof over my head and relying on someone else to get someone out to take care of it is…. frustrating.

I can’t have the garden at the size I want. I can’t fix the chain link fence that needs it badly.

Trying to find a rental place that won’t deny us for having two cats and two dogs…. most of those place are outside of our financial means and to pursue such would incredibly stupid.

2021 will be extremely chaotic on the personal fronts. So much I feel it necessary to apologize to my friends, family and adopted tribe if I’m short or distant. I have to focus elsewhere and if I don’t, it ends badly for me.

Things are actually potentially chaotic enough, that I’ve decided against pursuing an infertility panel. Between needing to get the Rav4 back up and running (tell you that story another time) and needing to save up for a house payment, the infertility seems frivolous and something that can wait, until after Dave (DR, those are his initials ya goobs) and I are settled into a more permanent housing situation.

Here in another month, I go back in to check some bloodwork and get my right ear dealt with. The possible barotrauma from the wreck I caused back in 2011 has been getting interesting in the last couple of years.

No, I’ve not giving up wanting to have kids… but I’ve gone this long without them… I can wait another year until things have resolved themselves or been mitigated into non-problems.

When you’ve nothing to write about…

Same leftovers, different bowl, different day.

Which is slightly amusing considering today was sort through leftovers and eat or compost them day.

Currently here in Arizona, we’ve at least two wildfires going at it. Horse Fire, near an area called Crown King at last look was just now approaching 10k acres. The problem being the terrain limits most of the fire fighting to being air assets. The smoke from it has been giving us here in the Phoenix valley lovely red sunsets though tonight it seems to have picked up more.

As I made mention to a friend the other day, at this point I’d take a wall tent on a bare 200 acres even with winter coming in. Even with having to buy fire wood for that first winter.

Pine family woods take at least 2 years to cure properly and mesquite needs just as long if not longer.

I have goods in a shop! A real shop in Payson AZ. Sweet Country Charm. It feels odd but good at the same time. I’m hopeful for it to at least be worth a monthly trip up. I love the Payson area.

Who am I kidding, I don’t think there’s a spot in AZ where I haven’t found a level of beauty.

It’s just this year has been dragging on.

I made the comment the other day “and I think everyone is tired” however several thought I was making a “It” movie reference…. completely forgetting I hate horror (and that movie is horror, stfu) and no… I was being serious. I think everyone is beginning to get tired. Too tired.

Planning on some rock recon hikes for the purpose of a rock hounding expedition.

I suppose I could post up my crocheting and knitting projects too eh?

It’s just always when you feel like you should write…. but nothing has really happened that you feel is interesting enough to share.

You Can’t Stop The Signal, Mal — According To Hoyt

Evelyn’s note: I will point out, that I couldn’t reblog this directly from her post. Odd that hmm?

As most of you guys know for many years now, Glenn Reynolds, of instapundit (where I post as the “night DJ” most nights) had done a weekly column in USA Today for years. Frankly in light of a few off-putting moves over the years, the fact they still published the boss was one of the […]

You Can’t Stop The Signal, Mal — According To Hoyt

Seriously FB?

Well if you’re not FB, you should be glad. Their TOS is changing (again. Sites like Blue Collar Prepping have been completely blocked by FB out of nowhere. /shrugging emoji/

Your guess is as good as mine. I’m finding myself feeling a little anxious over it because if I’m arbitrarily purged that means Jade Rose Productions on FB is done. MOST of my best sales came through FB.

So my misadventures are definitely continuing. I’m concerned if I’ll even be able to share from The Prepared Hearth onto FB as things continue.

Unfortunately it’s a wait and see situation.

How about a break?

I don’t know about all of you…. but I’m getting a little tired of people trying to demand my response to anything. I’m a little tired of being told I have to respond in a particular way.

This is in regards to everything damnit. There are parts of the world online demanding I be afraid.
There are parts demanding I be angry.

How about no? No, I don’t think I will react.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve been recovering so speak with my own mental health beasties, is that there are a lot of people who know exactly what they are doing when they try to get you emotionally riled up. Because it makes it easier for them to manipulate (regardless of noble sounding the end goal is). And then you’ve got their “flying monkeys” as some circles call them. The underlings who don’t for the most part understand why they want your anger or your fear, they’re just along because they don’t want to be the abused one. Do yourself a favor, don’t be volunteering to be their sacrifice to their “gods”.

I have to admit, were I a crueler woman and far more witty, I’d have started a troll account claiming that the masks demanded were the Mark of the Beast and not washing your hands was also a sign. The ensuing addition to the chaos would have been hilarious to me.

Which leads me to my next thing. All of this bullshit of this year, has lead to a lot of people not caring anymore about anything. That in of itself is more dangerous than any virus or government mandate. Sometimes…. I catch myself wondering if that’s not an end goal for some of the more shadowy elements across the world that are taking advantage of several situations, though not very successfully in several cases. And even if it’s the end of the not shadowy and very obvious factions that are trying to co-opt anything and everything they can gain access to.

I have to admit to finding myself feeling very callused. Disappointed in quite a few people who have their emotions to be used against them. I suppose that why I hate my emotions so much. They’re too easy to be turned into a weapon of malice at someone else’s hands. Concepts like honor and truth regardless of ugly it is, have fallen into disuse and those who seek to keep them in their personal practice get looked on in scorn. Honor and truth are almost emotions in this regard because they can be used to manipulate the unshielded.

There are a lot of people who’ve allowed their shields to deteriorate. Shields protecting their health in all regards. Constantly attacking other people online because they won’t conform to what is perceived to be the will of the majority. Forgetting that that is something railed against frequently in most of their beloved fictional stories. Bringing up something in comments that has clearly nothing to do with the point at hand because they want a fight. The addict needs their fix and many who “virtue signal” are addicts. They must say the right things else they’ll get punished. They have to show their “rosary” else face penance at the hands and keyboards of those who have failed to understand the most basic concepts of grace and compassion.

I am proposing a break. For all of us.

In August, every Friday afternoon around 4pm PST, I’m sitting down with a cup of something (non-alcoholic folks, the point is calm) for an hour. No phones, no computers or tablets or anything. Just me and a book or music playing and doing some journaling. Maybe an hour of something related to your faith. But it stays calm. The outside world is not allowed in.

How about you join me for this break? You need it.

Log Cabin Update

Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker

Log Cabin Update 2020

My last cabin update on the blog was from November 2019. Work had stopped on the cabin since DRG’s passing in March of this year. People asked me when I would get back to building the cabin and I’d respond, “When I get motivated again.” Well I’m finally motivated.

July has typically been a very productive month for me on the log cabin build. This holds true for 2020 as well. What follows is a series of photos highlighting the progress.

Log Cabin Update 2020 - The swinging porch bed. A whole new how-to post is upcoming on this one.

I built this red cedar rope swing to add to the cabin site. The air mattress is queen size and really too tall for the swing. However, after extensive testing, it works just fine!

Log Cabin Update 2020 - Mosquito netting is a must when napping!


The porch needed something other than old, temporary plywood with…

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Can a year be a double edged sword?

Because this year… is starting to feel like it.

I won’t go near the obvious bullshit. There’s enough of that fuckery on our social media pages as it is, and… yeah, I’m not going near it. For now.

I guess the main thing that I wanted to talk about with this post is the increase in online resources.

Many of them rushed and in a constant of repair or maintenance, others having be around for awhile and experiencing growing pains (Looking at you Discord).

Hundreds of schools, that had previously been giving excuses about not having online education options so that kids who don’t do well in crowded environments (C-PTSD, austim, anxiety and depression issues, idiot kids with just as stupid parents [bullies- not actual mentally challenged people]) all of sudden out of nowhere where able to provide online instruction.

Huh… quite the lie that turned out to be eh?

For me personally, I still want to go back to school for geology. I want that degree in that specifically. With C19, the silver lining might be the reduction of resistance to making all degrees available online for those of us who can’t stand being out and about in an area like a college campus. Too many random people.

And the other thing about online education that really seemed to always grind the teeth of the academia illuminate were people who wanted to self pace. With online degrees suddenly become the preferred vehicle of most levels of schools, you’d think teachers would jump on the idea of spending a few hours every week, recording the lessons and having a digital media editor hired for the school to throw the lessons together and then having the “school rooms” or an active chat system going for any questions.

I don’t know about anyone else, but being able to pause a teacher in mid-lesson so I could catch up would have been great. Re-wind and pause it again.

You’d think this…. but so far this… has not been the case.

It’s not just the kids who need their in person interactions, many teachers I know are losing their minds not being able to see their kids.

Even I, in all of my chosen isolation from most of the world by choice… hmmm, I think I mentioned I did it willingly for year before this… I mentioned that right?

I’m pretty mad at this shit. I’ve always been sensitive to moods of people (survival mechanism that you can’t over write apparently). There’s a lot of anger. A lot of paranoia. And considering I managed to get my paranoia that I was stuck with for several years finally out of my system last year… being near people who are panicking because they can’t see that they need to police their emotional hygiene by stopping consuming so much bad info online… Is a huge nope.

It’s overwhelming. I’d love to be able to just walk through a store again and not see people moving around with their heads down trying not to call attention to themselves.

My options in online resources has increased exponentially…. however I’m not sure I like the price the world is demanding that we pay.

Gardening as a Trauma Response

The second author over at The Prepared Hearth, has a great article today.

The Prepared Hearth.

Here in the United States, where I’ve lived my entire life, Food Security has not been considered a serious Issue for most folks since the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s, almost 100 years ago. Even post World War II, many people still maintained their own garden, because going to a Grocer – unless you lived in one of the few Coastal Urban areas – was still pretty much a ‘new’ thing. It didn’t really become the standard here in the US until relatively recently (at least in the historical sense of “recent.”)

Folks of that generation – such as my grandparents – had grown up during the Great Depression, when money was tight to such an extreme that getting 1 new pair of shoes a year, as the winter started, assuming you had outgrown or worn out the previous pair (if you hadn’t, then forget it – they…

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Let’s take a look back.

Hey guys this is the new Blog project from me, please be sure to check it out and I’ll see ya’ll here soon on the WW with another article hopefully by mid next week.

The Prepared Hearth.

Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Bake on Wednesday,
Brew on Thursday,
Churn on Friday,
Mend on Saturday,
Go to meeting on Sunday.

Sound familiar? If you grew up reading Little House on the Prairie or any other series or books set in the days of pioneers, this nursery rhyme will sound very familiar to you. (Although in LHotP, Sunday was a rest day because they did not have a church they attended very often, until settling down much much later, almost the last book if not the second to last.)

There are far too many people in our modern age who have been sold the lie you have to be “ALL THE THINGS PRODUCTIVE IN A DAY”. GAH! NO.

Even if you have a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, someone to iron and mend your clothes for you trying to fit all those things into one day…

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